Mum Nests 2021

Ideas as they percolate
Time passed in nature
Lake clay
Chrysanthemum flowers
Tree branch limbs
Passing time


Grass Globes 2018-2019

Grass Globes | September 2018 – March 2019
Marlborough College Artist in Residence garden

Seed idea, September, Lockridge Common


One afternoon in September, when the grass was freshly cut, and after I had played with the grass at Lockridge Common, I made thirty-three globe shapes, placing each one on a patio stone. I documented them over a six month period, watching them breakdown, becoming muddy and sloppy. In the spring I gathered what was left to gleefully discover that they had made a permanent ‘clean’ mark on the stones.

Globes 2017 – 2019

Globes | Ongoing project | 2017-2019

1 – 3  Haida Gwaii Museum   British Columbia, Canada
4 – 5  Earthskin    Muriwai Beach, New Zealand
6 – 8  Sitka Center for Art & Ecology    Oregon, USA
9  Cultureland   Amsterdam/Starnmeer  Netherlands
10 – 14   Marlborough College  Wiltshire, UK

     1  Eelgrass Globe

2  Kelp Globe

sea lettuce globe
3  Sea Lettuce Globe

Mud Globe, NZ

4  Mud Globe

Black Sand Globe, NZ

5  Black Sand Globe

experimental forest globe

6  Experimental Forest Globe

reflections globe

7  Reflections Globe

welcome globe

8  Welcome Globe

9  Parachute Globe

10  Bay leaf Globe

11  Bark Globe

12  Oak Leaf Globe

13  Seed Pod Globe

14  Tulip Petal Globe



Momentary Interventions 2017

Momentary interventions are my way of making tangible an ongoing love affair with the natural world. To create with nature is to enter into a particular realm for an undetermined period of non-time. These moments are precious, often resulting in bright new ideas for fleshing out work in the studio.


The Forest Births an Island
Sitka Center for Art & Ecology
Oregon, USA     January 2018



Birthing Infinity
Experimental Forest, Sitka Center for Art & Ecology
Oregon, USA   January 2018

Monkey Tree Vessel
Nikau Palm Forest, Muriwai, New Zealand  |   September 2017

Horopito Line
Forest walk, Muriwai, NewZealand  | September 2017

Impatience Patience
Lake Huron, Ontario  |  August 2017

Brugmansia Pi
Lake Huron | August 2017

Burn Line
Haida Gwaii | July 2017

stone circle

I Love Stone & Circles & Andy G
Cornwall, UK | May 2016



Tidal Marking 2017

Marking the tide
Using the sea to observe the passing of time
Seaweed set in the crevices made by the incoming/outgoing tide
Tides as marking time and seeing the pattern as familiar to land
Trees, branches, river paths

Haida Gwaii Museum
Artist in Residence, July 2017












Grass Works 2014


Grass works
Ten week span, summer on Mayne Island, Canada  2014

grass worksearth works, laterearth works, much laterearth works, later laterthe finale

Since the beginning of the industrial revolutionit is estimated that 83 species of mammals, 113 species of birds, 23 species of amphibians and reptiles, 23 species of fish, about 100 species of invertebrates, and over 350 species of plants have become extinct. The rate of extinction is somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000 times greater than the natural rate previous to this time period, which was 2 to 10 species per year.

Over the summer, I watched these grass balls fade away, the paper being torn at and salvaged by birds for their nests and I wondered how little of nature we are aware of and if we saw more obvious and direct signs of degradation, would we change our minds, our actions, our lifestyles?