Momentary Interventions 2017

Momentary Interventions 2017

Momentary interventions are my way of making tangible an ongoing love affair with the natural world. To create with nature is to enter into a particular realm for an undetermined period of non-time. These moments are precious, often resulting in bright new ideas for fleshing out work in the studio.


The Forest Births an Island
Sitka Center for Art & Ecology
Oregon, USA     January 2018



Birthing Infinity
Experimental Forest, Sitka Center for Art & Ecology
Oregon, USA   January 2018

Monkey Tree Vessel
Nikau Palm Forest, Muriwai, New Zealand  |   September 2017

Horopito Line
Forest walk, Muriwai, NewZealand  | September 2017

Impatience Patience
Lake Huron, Ontario  |  August 2017

Brugmansia Pi
Lake Huron | August 2017

Burn Line
Haida Gwaii | July 2017

stone circle

I Love Stone & Circles & Andy G
Cornwall, UK | May 2016




Earth Works