Naviculam Chorus 2016-17

  • Naviculam Chorus No.2
  • Naviculam Chorus No.3
  • Naviculam Chorus No.4
  • Naviculam Chorus No.5
  • Naviculam Chorus No.1

Naviculam Chorus 2016-17

NAVICULAM CHORUS  |  2016-2017 ongoing
Daily drawing practice | Graphite, chalk pastel on paper
Sizes vary, approximately 72″ x 60″/183 x 150 cm

This ongoing series of drawings speak to me and from me about the rhythms of the sea, of growth on land, of living creatures; of humanity in connection to our fragile yet resilient natural environment. Linked aesthetically by the shapes of boat parts coupled with organic patterns and circles representing portals, they are my love songs to nature and meditations on my relationship with her.

Naviculam, latin derivative pertaining to boat, boat shape or diminutive of ship
Chorus, latin for dance or group of dancers