Into a new year!

Into a new year!

This year has been life changing for me with shifts, growth and moves continuing into 2018. I offer a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who has shown myself and my work love in its many forms. It has become a tangible extension of my art practice to really experience life as one extra large, amazing and loving community.

Moving my things into storage in June, traveling to Ireland for the funeral of my beloved Uncle Liam, dog-sitting at Lake Huron near my parents, artist residencies in Haida Gwaii, New Zealand and currently Oregon; the deep satisfaction that comes with a love of natural elements, the ever intriguing inner journey and my art practice has made this whirlwind year a remarkable, beautiful collection of days!

In mid-January I return to Vancouver for a few weeks, then I’m excited to be Artist in Resident at Cultureland in the Netherlands. This two month residency will be a combination of city/culture (Amsterdam) and rural/nature (Starnmeer) culminating in an exhibition back in Amsterdam. In June, the work developed from the Haida Gwaii Museum/Parks Canada residency will be exhibited at the Haida Gwaii Museum, British Columbia curated by Niko .

In an effort to transfer my belonging into a smaller storage unit, I will be selling some paintings and household type things. If you’re interested, touch base via email. I have a PDF of available artwork with photos, sizes, medium and prices.

Thank you again, with best wishes for a fantastic year ahead!

IMG_6683     My studio & new work at the fabulous Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, Oregon, USA

IMG_6685A ‘top nine’ montage from Instagram